The King: During each Hajj season, I learn from pilgrims great lessons

Published 8 Nov 2011
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The King: During each Hajj season, I learn from pilgrims great lessons
Mina, SPA:
The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud addressed pilgrims for the Hajj season of the year 1432AH.
The following is the text of the King's address:
In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Compassionate.
Thanks be to Allah Who says in the Holy Quran:
'And proclaim the pilgrimage Among men: they will come To thee on foot and (mounted), On every camel, Lean (on account of journeys) Through deep and distant Mountain highways' [AL-Hajj:27]
Peace be upon the seal of prophets and messenger who was sent by Allah as mercy for human beings, our prophet Mohammad, who said 'The Righteous Hajj has only one Reward, that is paradise.'
Dear Brothers and Sisters pilgrims of the Holy Mosques, brothers and sisters sons of our Muslim Nation all over the world, peace be upon you.
From the land of the sacred mission and revelations, I congratulate you and all Muslims everywhere on Eid Al-Adha, supplicating Allah Almighty to accept your performance of Hajj, and to forgive all sins.
I pray to Allah to bestow His blessings upon you and respond to your supplications.
Dear brothers and sisters:
These crowds which converged on the Holy Mosque and roamed the Holy Shrines to complete the fifth pillar of Islam, make one deliberates, since Hajj is a source for great meanings in diversity, tolerance and dialogue. During Hajj season the true images emerge of the unified nation that gathered on one objective in response to the call of Allah and showed sincerity of worship to his Almighty. Wherever we go we hear nothing but the sound of Talbiya, declaring the slogan of Tawheed.
'Dear Brothers and Sisters:
Hajj provides us with unlimited images and deep meaning, the most important one of these is represented in the fact that a pilgrim goes through the difficulties facing him only in response to the call of 'Tawheed'.
He is seeking one aim to perform this blessed mission by visiting the holy shrines and devotes everything to Allah. He must be patient and tolerant and thank Allah for his blessings. No wrangling or argument in Hajj. The pilgrim goes back to his homeland after performing his rituals as if he was just born. Allah blessed him with this great mission during his lifetime and forgave his sins. What a great blessing and journey Hajj is!
Dear brothers and sisters:
During each Hajj season, I learn from these pilgrims great lessons. I look at them during their walking and wandering around. I gain a great and a strange energy from these huge crowds. I admire the look of satisfaction and tranquility in their faces to attain the objective that they came for; enjoying the blessings of security and serenity prevailing in this country. They look calm and serene, the older feels sympathy with the younger and the rich helps the poor.
Indeed this is a spectacular scene that we can only see in this Holy land which granted the world signs of tolerance and sympathy and showed the value of security and serenity.
'Dear Brothers and Sisters:
This good land on which pilgrims and visitors converge, with Allah's blessing, enjoys security and stability in response to the supplication of our father Abraham (Peace be upon him).
Allah says (in the Holy Quran) 'Abraham said: 'O my Lord! Make this city one of peace and security, And preserve me and my sons From worshipping idols.' [IBRAHAM:35]
Allah also says (in the Holy Quran 'Abraham said: My lord, make this a city Of peace, and feed its people with fruits.' [AL-BAQARAH:126]
Thus, security is the basis of civilization and development.
It is Allah's blessing that He honored the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to serve pilgrims. It feels the great responsibility bestowed upon it. We do so seeking only rewards from Allah Almighty, seeking His help and making the pilgrims' service our greatest responsibility.
Dear Brothers and Sisters:
'We beseech Allah to maintain our Muslim Nation's security and stability and help its leaders to do what is good for it during its lifetime, and work to achieve security and stability for its citizens.
When security and stability prevail, societies grow, economy prospers and the Nation moves forward. Muslim societies should make of Hajj a means of learning and education. Among great aims of Hajj are unity, solidarity, and disposing of dissent and hatred.
Muslims should recall our Prophet's Saying (PBUH) during the farewell Hajj.'Your blood, property, honor are impermissible, just like this sacred day, in this month, and in this country.
It is high time that we implement his will and realize to depend on Allah alone, and keep away from dissent as Allah ordered us.
Allah said: 'And hold fast, All together, by the Rope Which Allah stretches out For you, and not be divided Among yourselves; And remember with gratitude Allah favor on you; For ye were enemies And He joined your hearts In love, so that by His Grace Ye become brethren And ye were on the brink Of the pit of Fire, And He saved you from it Thus doth Allah make His Signs clear to you; That ye may be guided' [AL-IMRAN:103]
I pray to Allah to make your Hajj rewarded, and your sins forgiven.
I beseech Allah Almighty to let you return to your homelands safe and rewarded after having performed Hajj and stood on these sacred shrines.
Finally, I renew my congratulations to you on Eid Al-Adha and pray to Allah to return it with better times for our nation.'

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