Ministry of Labor Launches Electronic Emplyment and Work Licenses Services Next Week

Published 9 Feb 2010
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Ministry of Labor Launches Electronic Emplyment and Work Licenses Services Next Week
Riyadh. The Ministry of Labor, will on Monday launches its e-government services regarding employment and work licenses which is looked at as a quantitative leap in the provision of e-government services.
This was disclosed by the Deputy Minister of labor for Planning and development Dr. Mufarrij Al Haqbqni to the Ministry's Website, adding that the electronic services provided by the Ministry will witness advanced and sophisticated services regarding employment and work permits. An employment seeker can register through the Ministry's website and they will then be recommended in accordance with their qualifications for jobs in the private sector.
Dr. Al haqbani said that the e-services provided by his Ministry, include issuance and renewal of permits electronically in such a way that fees could be paid through ATMs and the rest of the procedures completed electronically through the Ministry's website, therefore there will be no need to visit the Ministry or labor Offices. The Deputy Minister said the services also include Management of the establishment's file which enables the establishment to view its basic data such as permits and licenses, statistical data and verification of citizens and expatriates who are registered in the database of the Ministry.
The deputy Minister stressed that the aim of registering Job seekers is the provision of suitable jobs for them according to the available job vacancies. This procedure he added, will help in improving labor information and the building an integrated database about Labor Market that includes a register for job  seekers which contains their qualifications and basic data and that the efforts of the Ministry to improve the e-services will accomplish the utmost cooperation between the Ministry and other government agencies in order to contribute to the implementation of Saudi Arabia's Employment Strategy.

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