Asharqia Chamber signs contract for implementing e-chamber

Published 9 Jun 2009
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Asharqia Chamber signs contract for implementing e-chamber
Dammam - Asharqia Chamber has recently endorsed a contract for implementation of e-Chamber project which will allow subscribers to take advantage of the services provided by the Chamber in updating the contributions or issuance of certificates, permits or certification of documents easily and securely.
The Chairman of the Chamber, Abdurrahman Bin Rashed Al-Rashed, has signed  the project which will be implemented by one of the leading companies in implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning projects (ERP) during two and a half years from the date of the contract and by three phases.
Al-Rashid, according to Saudi Press Agency,  said that the project of e-chamber, will enable researchers, investors to obtain economic information from the huge database of the chamber about the economic sector in the eastern region, as well as it will contribute to enrich the channels of communication between the Chamber and its subscribers, investors and researchers in the economic sector.
The Secretary-General of the Chamber, Adnan bin Abdullah Al-Nueim pointed out that  three -phase implementation of the project will begin with infrastructure of chamber's systems, the main system for human resources and financial systems, in the second phase, Customer Center Management (CRM) and advanced systems of financial and human resources, while  the project of national (PORTAL), project management systems and collaboration suite will be implemented in third phase.

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