Electronic building permits applied in Jeddah

Published 9 Jul 2009
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Electronic building permits applied in Jeddah
Jeddah - Jeddah Municipality will begin next Saturday implementing its first steps in dealing with the citizens by e-system of transaction  for issuing building permits.
The Director of Engineering Relations Department in Jeddah Municipality, Tariq Ahmad Shalabi, according to Saudi Press Agency, said that engineering office will receive the study's results of transaction and follow-up its project electronically until the final approval, adding that the engineering office will bring the paper file which contains all the operational plans relating to the project, for approval and receipt of license.
He indicated that the next phase of building permits will be used electronic transactions issued by the engineering offices and the next step of the project tends to commercial and residential projects for application of e-license system.
He added that the e-program can follow-up programs and performance evaluation of the engineering offices, in addition to receiving their proposals and activate developing the environment of e-interaction.

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