MCS urges applying for educational posts on its website

Published 9 Jul 2009
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MCS urges applying for educational posts on its website
Riyadh - The Ministry of Civil Service(MCS), in cooperation with the Ministry of Education (MoE) has asked all the graduates who willing to apply for educational posts for men, which will be announced  in the fields of public and special education for those who have the scientific degrees  in specific specializations to submit their applications electronically through its website “” from 18/7/1430H corresponding to 11 July 2009 until  29/7/1430H corresponding to 22 July 2009.
The ministry said as Saudi Press Agency reported,  that the announcement is directed to the holders of bachelor's degree from Saudi government and private universities with similar specializations, as well as degrees  from universities outside the Kingdom which approved by the Ministry of Higher Education.
The ministry said that the announcement aims in this phase to set up lists for those who willing to join the civil service to work in public and special education, it does not mean the availability of suitable posts for all available specializations of the applicants.

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