KASCT efforts in enriching Arabic Content in Wikipedia

Published 9 Jul 2011
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KASCT efforts in enriching Arabic Content in Wikipedia

Riyadh, SPA:
Researchers and Specialists at King Abdulaziz City for Sciences And Technology (KASCT) are exerting extensive efforts in enriching Arabic Content in Wikipedia, The World Wide Encyclopedia within King Abdullah Initiative for Arabic Content that opts to translate worthy scientific contents in Wikipedia into Arabic.
The step is very important to support the Arabic digital content, scientific and knowledge resources for Arab readers.
Although Arabic is the fourth popular language in the world, but the Arabic version still in Wikipedia ranks 25th in term of volume. It was ranked 27th previously, but huge and concentrated scientific contributions and efforts have been in need and underway to push the Arabic to the tenth rank.
According to KASCT bulletin, King Saud University (KSU) ranks first in scientific contribution, followed by King Faisal University and Taibah University consecutively in the Knowledge competitions launched by KASCT.
In the competition, woman's single contribution is significant; Aisah Al Zahim, from KSU came the first in translated articles, then Aminah AlOaid, also from KSU came second while Latifah from KFU ranked third. The group efforts of TU's languages and translation dept. came last.
King Abdullah Initiative for the Arabic Content includes a number of Arabic Language research projects notably, Wikipedia Arabic enriching project, The Arabic blog, the Interactive Arabic Dictionary, Arabic Search Engine, the Automated Arabic Articles, and the National strategy to enrich the Arabic Content.

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