Minister of Islamic Affairs launches donations through SADAD

Published 9 Aug 2010
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Minister of Islamic Affairs launches donations through SADAD
Jeddah, SPA:
Minister of Islamic Affairs, Endowment, Dawa and Guidance Sheikh Saleh Bin Abdulaziz Al-Alsheikh, confirmed that his Ministry has sought to reinforce the role of Charity Societies for Quran under auspices of the King, his crown Prince and second Deputy.
“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been built upon Quran and Sunna” he said in his speech during launching Donations to be processed through SADAD payment System and opening the website of the General Administration for Societies. He added the vision of the Monarch has indicated the necessity of keeping up with modern tendencies in regards to caring for Quran and all other Islamic affairs.
He stated that there has been a keen interest in educating Quran and making good deeds, but in the past all donations were made through direct cash or checks  to be submitted to concerned organizations. Nowadays, other proper methods of payments appeared necessitating a parallel change in ways of collecting donations especially that some people cannot donate since they have always desired to donate some little amounts of  money, or have wished to submit their donations and still be unknown to get complete rewards of Allah, he declared.
The minister said that donations through such a new system will achieve a set of varied objectives such as the State’s keen interest in Quran, easily and accurately supervising over donations, supporting Quran educational process, and donations to be fairly distributed.

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