The 3rd Saudi Technology Incubators Conference

Published 9 Oct 2011
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The 3rd Saudi Technology Incubators  Conference

Riyadh - SPA

Inaugurating the 2011 Saudi Technology Incubators Conference, KACST vice president confirmed that “Science, Technology and Innovation Comprehensive National Plan” have a long term vision to transform KSA economy to knowledge-based economy by 1445 driven by creativity and innovation that invest on the increasing national human talents in KSA.

He disclosed a recent agreement with Macmillan Science Communications, the exclusive partner to Nature Group.  Under this agreement all Saudi universities will have free access to some important research in the history of science published by the International Science Magazine since 1869. A translated copy will be available for scientists in KSA and the Arab world.

KACST (Badir) incubator  patronizes innovators and creative pioneers.                  

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