GAB calls Gov agencies to apply computers in its operations

Published 10 May 2009
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GAB calls Gov agencies to apply computers in its operations
Riyadh - Chairman of General Auditing Bureau(GAB), Usama Jaafar Fakih called the government agencies to accelerate adopting the use of computer systems in all financial and accounting operations and to transfer from traditional methods of keeping records and preparing accounts and financial statements via electronic means and to provide data for review on CD-ROM instead of paper documents.
Mr. Fakih added, according to "Al-Jazirh" newspaper,  that the decision of cabinet No. 40 dated 27-2-1427 H approves rules of application of e-government transactions, and that each agency has to manage its databases, availability of data, and interoperability electronically to other governmental agencies to achieve data integration between government agencies and facilitate the provision of services electronically, in accordance with the requirements established by e-government program (Yesser).
" The implementation of objectives of this program has an active role in raising the efficiency and speed of delivery of financial and accounting operations which would have a positive impact on the accuracy of data and facilitate matching with the Ministry of Finance and to link the electronic inter-governmental agencies with the Ministry of Finance " Mr. Fakih pointed out.
He added that the Bureau coordinates with (Yesser) Program to make link with government agencies which come under its control in accordance with studied and graduated plan.

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