Education Reform Workshop in Arab countries to be inaugurated on Sunday

Published 10 Oct 2009
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Education Reform Workshop in Arab countries to be inaugurated on Sunday
Riyadh - Under the auspices of Prince Faisal bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Saud, Minister of Education, a three-day workshop entitled "Education Reform in the Arab countries .. Saudi Arabia as a model" is organized by the Faculty of Education, King Saud University in collaboration with some institutions and universities such as National Institute of Education of Singapore, Oxford University and University of Pennsylvania to discuss the problems of education in the Arab world and in the Kingdom in particular.
The Dean of the Faculty of Education Dr. Abdullah bin Ibrahim Al-Ajaji,  according to Saudi Press Agency,  pointed out that the workshop will discuss several working papers dealing with the reality of education in the Kingdom as a model for public education in the Arab world with interest of educational experiences, its constraints and future prospects, role of education colleges in the Kingdom and its contribution to study the reality of education, development, and the comparative study for East and West educational systems .
A number of global educational officials from United States, Britain, and Singapore, will attend the workshop with the participation of the Ministries of Education, Higher Education and Technical and Vocational Training Corporation, private educational sectors, Saudi universities and chambers of commerce.

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