KACST launches student e-learning project

Published 10 Nov 2009
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KACST launches student e-learning project
Riyadh - The first-ever information technology program website ( in the Kingdom in the field of education was launched on Monday at the headquarters of King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST).
“Students, teachers and concerned people can access daily lessons taught in classrooms at the touch of a button on (” the project owner Emad Al-Doghaither said, adding that the new project would play a major role in the region’s efforts to promote more efficient use of energy by conducting and sharing research with leading universities across the region.
He added, according to "Al-Riyadh" newspaper, that this is the third project with Intel following landmark projects focusing on wireless mobile services and nano-manufacturing applications.  “Our aim is to ensure that we leverage off the work of global leaders such as Intel for the benefit of Saudi Arabia. The center is particularly poignant as we look to develop hardware and software solutions that consume less energy and promote energy efficiency. We at KACST are aware of Saudi Arabia’s environmental obligations and we’re delighted to be working with Intel on such an important goal.”
Al-Doghaither explained that visitors can access to some 4,000 books in the school syllabus through this website.
“The site is updated with 50,000 pages of 4,000 classroom lessons ranging from first to 12th grade,” he said. “In the long run, the project will also provide employment opportunities for more than 50,000 youths in the Kingdom.”
Al-Doghaither said his company in cooperation with the Ministry of Education initiated the project four years ago. He noted that the project is being carried out in cooperation with Intel Corporation.

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