Project for e-employment of Saudis

Published 11 Apr 2009
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Project for e-employment of Saudis
Ministry of Labor is preparing to launch a project currently to employ Saudis electronically through the electronic portal of the ministry to help youth find better job opportunities according to their qualifications and experience.
An updated database will be established indicating the number of those who are seeking for jobs in all occupations, according to the experience and qualifications. Another database will also be built on the Saudi employment market in order to build clear strategies in this regard.
According to Almadinah newspaper, this project will contribute to speed up the recruitment processes in this vital sector and help citizens to have access to appropriate work, as well as assist in finding appropriate employment facilities and well-trained manpower. It will provide also necessary information on labor market, development and analysis of such information, data preparation for work vacancies in various facilities, and provision of advice and assistance to job seekers.

Last Modified Date: 10/02/2013 - 4:57 PM Saudi Arabia Time


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