CDSI issues Atlas of Population and Housing

Published 11 Apr 2009
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CDSI issues Atlas of Population and Housing
Riyadh –The  Central Department of Statistics and information (CDSI) plans to issue Atlas of Population and Housing after finishing the would-be General Census of Population and Housing in 1431 H / 2010 including the detailed results of the census. This comes after the success of Atlas of Population and Housing which was issued by CDSI in 1425H/2004.
It is considered as the first comprehensive atlas of population issued in the kingdom with the help of the Geographic Information technology System.
In this way, a digital processing was carried out on the borders of the administrative regions and provinces according to the Saudi Press Agency. Atlas also used color maps and population groups set up to improve the quality of the data display, it also contains graphs and statistical tables for display the results in an effective manner. Atlas focuses on five key features for the population, the demographic, educational features, the economic situation and the disability status in addition to the housing.
As per the growing focusing on the balanced development of areas within the planning efforts in the Kingdom, it is expected that the census data, in Atlas format, contribute to meet the needs of the general readers in better, as well as to meet the requirements of the concerned researchers in the field of planning and policy-makers and workers in the field of statistics.

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