Corporations can now register online their new expatriates' data at Ministry of Labour

Published 11 Apr 2010
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Corporations can now register online their new expatriates' data at Ministry of Labour
Riyadh, eMedia:
The Ministry of Labour launched lately a new e-Services for corporations to to have data of their new coming expatriates registered online within the Ministry's data bases.
Dr. Mofrej bin Saad Al-Haqbani, Deputy Minister of Labour for Planning and Development said that the newly launched e-Service will enable corporations' representatives to register their new coming expatriate workers using the border code of such expatriates. This e-Service avails the registration of some data related of such workers i.e.; salaries, specializations, and educational status to be registered within the data warehouse of Ministry of Labour facilitating procedures of issuing the afterwards work licenses.
Al-Haqbani pointed out that registering new coming expatriates will enable corporations to register their workers immediately after entering Saudi Arabia, as the Ministry of Interior sends automatically data of those new comers to Ministry of Labour to be linked with the unified code of their corporations. The corporations representatives can easily access to the Corporations' System Of Information Management  through the Ministry of Labour's Portal, then they can log in using both their unified code and the borders code to search for all new comers registered. After finding the targeted new comers, they can modify data especially that of salaries and education, so work licenses can then be easily issued in few minutes.
The ministry  will launch soon another e-Service enabling corporations to update data of their existing expatriate workers, he added.

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