KAU develops Website Content Management System

Published 11 Aug 2009
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KAU develops Website Content Management System
Jeddah - King Abdulaziz University (KAU) has developed a system for content management (MARZ) in a step to assess all KAU websites electronically using performance rating indicators which adopt internally-developed criteria in combination with other international criteria.
KAU Vice Rector for Businesses and Knowledge Creativity, Dr Ahmed Hamid Nagadi, has described the recently-introduced content management system (MARZ) as an enormous leap forward, "Al-Nadwah" newspaper said.
"What distinguishes the new system, which rivals the best counterpart international systems, is that it has been set up by a group of the Deanship of Information Technology's staff", Dr Nagadi said.
He also pointed out that the system would enable all departments and teaching members of staff to set up their own websites and mange them very easily.
"The system is able to gather all information from all parties; faculties, deanships, centers, departments, societies, scientific chairs and teaching members of staff according to adopted KAU standards", Dr Nagadi said.
He concluded by saying: "By this system, the University seeks to develop its website and familiarize its staff with using and updating their personal websites in order to establish a broad base of sharing experiences and spreading the teamwork spirit.

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