Kingdom proceeding ahead in human rights, says HRC chief

Published 11 Dec 2011
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Kingdom proceeding ahead in human rights, says HRC chief
Riyadh - SPA:
Child care projects and the empowerment of Saudi women are some of the major achievements as reforms continues in the Kingdom.
These achievements stress the preservation of human rights in the Kingdom, said Human Rights Commission (HRC) President Bandar Al-Iban on Saturday, the 63rd anniversary of the UN Human Rights declaration on Dec. 10, 1948, by the United Nations General Assembly.
The Kingdom has also maintained Saudis’ basic rights to education, health and social care, housing and jobs and other rights within a systemic framework to ensure equality and justice.
“Child care projects and the enhancement of Saudi women’s participation, enabling her to take part in all sectors, stand witness to those glorious steps,” said Al-Iban. “Through new royal decrees women are now empowered to become members of the Shoura Council, vote in municipal elections and run for council seats. These steps are in accordance with cultural values derived from the Islamic religion.”
The HRC president highlighted the royal decrees that set up a cash allowance for the unemployed. “The Kingdom has allocated huge budgets to support housing projects, facilitating suitable accommodation for each citizen, as well as various voluntary, philanthropic and cultural institutions. These funds boost educational, cultural, social and health care needs in all sections of society,” said Al-Iban.
He said the Kingdom is enhancing efforts to nurture the human rights culture at all levels, while playing its role in shielding the region against conflicts and its negative impacts. “Sponsoring the Gulf initiative for a safe power-transfer in Yemen is the Kingdom’s contribution to maintaining peace in the Arab country and help achieve its goals.” Saudi Arabia continues its support for the Egyptian people to overcome the negative impacts on their economy following recent changes, he added.
Al-Iban voiced concern about the developments in Syria, where thousands of innocents have lost their lives. He demanded an immediate end to all violence and killing, and full protection of the citizens’ lives. He said the Arab League initiative should be implemented and serious, immediate reforms should be effected.
Al-Iban said the Kingdom is in the process of enhancing possibilities for interfaith dialogue as part of efforts to maintain global peace.
The Kingdom supports the right of Palestinian people to decide on their fate, to build their independent state and to protect their sovereignty, Al-Iban said. He also called upon all nations, their institutions and commissions to back the Palestinians bid for an independent state with Jerusalem as the capital.
The international society, Al-Iban stressed, should stand up for its responsibilities in accordance to the international declarations and conventions in protecting the right of the Palestinian people. Double standard measures would threaten the credibility of the international society and open doors to more conflicts and tension, reducing chances of peace and stability in the area.

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