Saudi Woman's rights and duties forum to be launched

Published 11 Dec 2011
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Saudi Woman's rights and duties forum to be launched
Riyadh -SPA:
The Woman Research Center arranged today at the Intercontinental Hotel  workshops within the forum entitled: "Saudi woman' rights and duties".
The first paper entitled: "The role of women organizations on maximizing of awareness on the rights and duties of Saudi women" was delivered by Dr. Huda Dilaijan a faculty member of King Saud University. She highlighted ignorance of legal rights with respect to family issues and the need to raise awareness among the community on their rights. The paper included several recommendations including uplifting of innovation and creativeness levels among leaders and workers of the women organizations, study and resolve community issues, acquiring of efficient resources to conduct awareness of the judicial system and to break the barrier of fear between the woman and the judicial authorities.
  The second paper entitled "Saudi women issues reflected in the media as compared to real life" was delivered by Dr. Najla' Al-Mubarak, faculty member at Princess Nura University in Riyadh. The paper shed light on the woman encounter with the Real Estate Fund and credit facilities and her right to obtain visa to recruit domestic helpers. She attributed loss of a woman rights to her ignorance of those rights.
Dr. Mubarak paper recommended that media should adopt a strong awareness endeavors of women on their rights given by law or by the government. Female media professionals should be trained on tackling women issues. Effective partnership should be created between NGO’s and government agencies.
The center arranged training program entitled “ How the woman can protect  her financial and business rights”. The training highlighted mechanism of dealing with contracts, banking transactions, business investments, agencies, negotiation, contracting, and checks.

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