"Tatweer" discusses its educational portal systems

Published 12 Feb 2011
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"Tatweer" discusses its educational portal systems
Riyadh - eMedia:
King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz public education development project "Tatweer" held tomorrow two workshops about "Tatweer" portal systems in both its educational and administrative sides with the participation of a group of experts representing a range of different education departments in the Kingdom.
The first program, which begins in Sunday and lasts for two days, addresses the expert's definition of the latest added services to the educational systems "Tatweer" educational portal, including the education management system "Maidan",the Virtual Classroom system, cooperative encyclopedias, education websites, and student's websites.
The second program during the period 12-13, Of Rabi I, and focuses on the administrative regulations of the portal educational development (Knowledge Web System, collaborative encyclopedias and school websites), while, the participants for three daily sessions exchange ideas and views.
A trial version of the two programs belongs to a series of training programs provided by the project to accomplish the leadership vision in the educational process improvement, and focus on the key elements that led the student, the teacher and the school together, Dr. Walid Anumei, the General Supervisor said.

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