Students admitted in Saudi universities reach 220 thousand

Published 12 Sep 2009
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Students admitted in Saudi universities reach 220 thousand
Riyadh - The number of students who were admitted in Saudi universities during the last week increased from the previous week by 220057 students, which represents 51.55 % males and 48.45% females of the total seats available to the universities for the next academic year 1430 / 1431H.
This came in a press release issued by the Ministry of Higher Education.  The release, according to "Al-Jazirah" newspaper,  showed that there is still 51,424 open seats , 22,063 of which for males and 29,361 for female students.  Major share of aforementioned open seats is at full-time and  community college programs where 39,491 open seats equaling 77% of seats still available.  
 Seats in parallel and associate programs amounted 7,793 which is 15% of total open seats while the affiliation equals 4% amounted 4,140 open seats.

Last Modified Date: 10/02/2013 - 4:34 PM Saudi Arabia Time


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