Launching a Saudi website dedicated to physics

Published 13 Mar 2010
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Launching a Saudi website dedicated to physics
Riyadh, E-media:
A group of researchers at the National Center For Mathematics And Physics, under  king Abdulaziz city for Science and technology, established lately a website dedicated to physics. The newly built website is envisioned to provide researchers, students, and professors with the latest lectures delivered at well-known academic, research and scientific centers in the different fields of physics.
As mentioned by Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the following web site  illustrates all physics materials and lectures collected and classified according to topics. Such materials will be browsed similarly like those of a visual encyclopedia, making it easy for visitors to view, follow up and download all contents.
Satisfying all needs to get accredited information, this website will connect its visitors directly to lectures given at famous universities and research centers all over the world.
The site contains numerous lectures in different topics of physics that are of great importance for specialized professors, students and researchers. Such important topics come in a series of methodological lectures that were delivered to university students in variable active specializations i.e. general physics, electromagnetic physics, wave physics, quantity and relativity physics, and finally lectures given at American universities and centers. In addition, the materials illustrated come either as a series about a certain topic, or a group of lectures about different topics which the site visitors can easily browse and follow up.
Services offered on this website include a diversified, yet still distinctive, collection of cultural documentary films that are regarded as easy-to-understand materials for even non-specialized persons from different ages and all scientific & cultural levels. Such films throw light on diverse fields of physics such as astronomy and cosmology physics, Black Holes, particles and nuclear physics.
In addition, the site comprehends scientific films about atomic field and the human seek for energy along with notions of life and time. It contains also topics about the final theory (theory of everything) along with other scientific materials that aim at advancing scientific & cultural levels and enlightening the public about physics and other related applications in everyday day life.

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