Education IT and Communications applications deliberated at 1st specialized Symposium of K.S.U.

Published 13 Apr 2010
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Education IT and Communications applications deliberated at 1st specialized Symposium of K.S.U.
Riyadh, eMedia:
Under auspices of prince Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Minister of Defense and Aviation and Inspector General, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdurrahman Al-Osman, rector of King Saud university, inaugurated yesterday the 1st symposium on IT and Communications Applications related to Education and Training, organized by Education IT Department at College of Education, King Saud University and lasting for tomorrow.
Dr. Abdullah Al-Ajaji, Dean of College of Education and chairman of the Symposium's Supervisory Committee confirmed that a distinctive group of researchers from America, Australia, Egypt, Oman and other Arab countries have attended the events of the symposium. He said that the College has sought to execute many initiatives and programs that can achieve productive collaboration and knowledge sharing. Such programs have included cooperation with National Institute for Education in Singapore which was dedicated to training schools head-masters, in addition to partnership programs with best colleges of Education worldwide, he added. The college has another distinctive research program for the its staff and employees, stated the Dean.
On the other hand, Dr. Saleh Al-Atewy, Head of Education IT Department, pointed out that developing man's Mental abilities has never been a matter of coincidence in Saudi Arabia. He threw light on some relevant Strategies and policies that were formulated when King Abdulaziz started unification of Saudi Arabia, localizing nomads and developing education. And nowadays, he said, king Abdullah, his Crown Prince, and the Second Deputy to Premiere have started and pushed the mission of developing Education. Number of Saudi Universities reached 24 and 8 for the government and private ones respectively, in addition to 21 private colleges and King Abdullah program for Outside Nomination. All this, he explained, showed clearly the keen interest of the Saudi Ruling to reach an Information Community.
Dr. Al-Atewy stated that the Ministry of Higher Education and King Saud Un. Approved establishing a Saudi Association for communications Technology, Education and Training which is envisioned to organize specialized conferences and workshops, translating books and scientific researches in addition to reinforce communication with international universities especially in the fields of ISTE and AECT.
There are more development programs for Doctorates, in addition to the preparation of a distinctive diplomat related to remote education specialists, he added.

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