Undersecretary of MoF: SADAD success reaches about 90%

Published 13 Jun 2010
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Undersecretary of MoF: SADAD success reaches about 90%
Riyadh, e-Media:
Eng. Saad Al-Hamdan, Undersecretary of Ministry of Finance for Revenues affairs, stated that 33 Government Agencies have been linked with SADAD System which started 3 years ago. He confirmed that all Government Agencies which have revenues, even little ones, will be linked with such a system.
This was discussed at a workshop held yesterday in Riyadh where Eng. Al-Hamdan pointed out that SADAD System has achieved success to about 90%. He said that any amounts will be automatically refunded to beneficiaries who did not utilize the services paid, adding that all Agencies linked with the system were complaining of such an issue.
SADAD, he said, offers a pilot feature of Sales Points which has been implemented at some Agencies to be then applied at other agencies if it proves success. The system also included automatic transfer from beneficiaries' accounts as an additional channel which was applied at all banks to help pay great amounts of money.
On the other hand, many Agencies asked during the workshop to set up departments for customers' service in addition to another center where beneficiaries can visit to solve any problems arising relating to financial refunding.

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