The King approves establishing a Saudi e-University

Published 14 Aug 2011
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The King approves establishing a Saudi e-University

Riyadh – SPA:
King Abdulla bin Abdul Aziz approved higher education council decision to establish a Saudi e-University.
In a statement to SPA, Dr. Khaled Angri, minister of higher education, said the proposed university will be located in the city of Riyadh. It is a government institution that provides electronic educational environment based on IT, communication and distance learning technologies. The proposed university will start with three programs: business administration, IT and health informatics. Bachelor degree as well as post graduate programs will be available. The university will seek accreditation from inside and outside the kingdom to ensure quality of its products.
Designed to substitute the off-campus learning provided by Saudi universities, the services rendered will be more flexible in order to adapt to the student’s life, work and location conditions. A state of art educational content using the most recent e-education methods will be introduced. Pioneering knowledge will be transferred and localized in association with local and international institutions and faculties. Moreover, the university will support the message and concept of lifelong learning.

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