Saudi Arabia comes in 9th rank of cybercrimes targeting

Published 13 Oct 2009
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Saudi Arabia comes in 9th rank of cybercrimes targeting
Riyadh - Arab countries occupied outposts in terms of targeting cybercrimes, where Saudi Arabia ranked 9th at 1.213%, and Egypt ranked the second globally at a rate of 15.2%, according to statistics derived from a study of Internet security reported during the Cybercrimes Forum which opened yesterday in Riyadh.
Director of Administration Development at the Commission of Investigation and Prosecution (CIP) Khamis Al-Qahtani, said that it is close to impossible to completely eliminate fast-developing techniques of cybercrime, making it hard to gather solid evidence against the Internet criminals who operate the most sophisticated stealth malware and botnets, "Al-Madinah" newspaper said.
It has become hard to define all emerging methods of cyber-crime executed remarkably through a small number of network and hosting service providers that supply the infrastructure needed to host drive-by download exploits, command-and-control servers, stolen data drop sites, and other more functional network needs, Al-Qahtani added.
The cybercrime laws in the Kingdom have only identified the basic legal measures without the details of technical and procedural measures, he said.
But he noted that efforts are always made to cope with the fast pace of the criminal mind online. In response, the CIP has been training its legal staff on new emerging systems to fight cyber-crime, however, he said.
Legal consultant Nasser Al-Mushari said that the laws of cybercrime should be incorporated into the school and college curriculum to raise awareness of this sprawling danger.
The average age of cyber criminals falls between 13 and 38, said Mansour Al-Juhani in a new study.
“The Internet criminal is usually smart, non-violent, and sociable,” the study has said.
Cyber criminals, who fall into different names such as hackers, crackers, are mainly motivated by curiosity, the study has found. Their online criminal activities include theft of private information, bank robbery, hacking into email, and “immoral crimes,” the study has added.

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