Housing contracts to be executed electronically in Medina

Published 13 Oct 2010
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Housing contracts to be executed electronically in Medina
Medina - eMedia:
Civil institution for guides in Medina applied housing electronic contract in full this year after appling it in the past year in part; which contributed significantly to the achievement of the movement of the housing very easily.
Fath Al Rahman Ali Abu-algud, member of the Board of Directors of the institution for housing, missions, groups and hotels, revealed that the foundation ratified (5372) housing contract with a capacity of more than (525) haj for this year 1431, according to the website of the Foundation.
He added that the total housing contracts included hotels and residential buildings, while the absorptive capacity of hotels and residential buildings authorized for housing pilgrims is (528 426) pilgrims.
He explained that the housing sector aims through the application of electronic contract in collaboration with the Information Technology and computer to reduce the steps to ratify the contracts on the Hajj missions, hotels and housing groups, and to facilitate contracts among themselves.

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