Swine-flu vaccination campaign of students to start next Saturday

Published 13 Dec 2009
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Swine-flu vaccination campaign of students to start next Saturday
Riyadh - The Ministry of Health announced on Saturday that it would launch a nationwide swine-flu vaccination campaign among students on 02 Muharram 1431H corresponding to 19 December 2009.
The initial target of the campaign will be primary and kindergarten children and those with special needs, as well as teachers, Saudi Press Agency quoted.
The campaign is being conducted in coordination with the Ministry of Education and will target students at all levels.
The ministry stressed that the vaccine is perfectly safe and it strongly urged patents to agree to the vaccine because a third wave of the global swine flu pandemic is expected this winter.
However, in some cases, recipients of the vaccine will exhibit minor symptoms, such as redness around the injection area, minor muscle pain or headaches.
Any symptoms will abate within 24 to 48 hours after the injection. The vaccine should not be administered to those who have allergic reactions to eggs.

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