A Committee for Electronic Transactions Formed in Al Ahsa

Published 14 Jan 2010
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A Committee for Electronic Transactions Formed in Al Ahsa
Ahsa.  The Secretary of Al Ahsa Region Eng. Fahd bin Mohammed Al Jubair has issued a decision to form a commission for electronic transactions to provide electronic services and upgrade it and intensify the work of the  Municipality in the best way possible and coordinate with the Government electronic services "Yesser" program in addition to follow up and supervise the Secretariat's plan for electronic transactions.
The committee is headed by The Secretary of Al Ahsa and the membership of the Deputy Secretary for services Eng. Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Arfaj, Deputy Secretary for Projects and Construction Eng. A'adil bin Mohammed Al Milhim, the Director General of Administrative and Financial Affairs Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Shu'aibi, the Director General of Information Technology Eng. Hamdan bin Audah Al Aradi and the Director Programs and Systems Engineering Department Eng. Mohammed Gadi Al Fagiri.
It should be noted that the Secretariat is aiming to provide the best possible electronic  services using the techniques of the technology revolution to enable users, investors, and contractors to access information easily and save time in government transactions to reach an integrated working environment and support information technology projects.

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