Prince Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Inaugurates the Armed Forces Exhibition

Published 14 Feb 2010
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Prince Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz Inaugurates the Armed Forces Exhibition
Riyadh, - Prince Khalid bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, the Assistant Minister of Defense and Aviation for Military Affairs, said that our keenness in local manufacturing beginning from spare parts and general materials is the right step in the direction of a complete Military Industrialization, it is a dream that is not impossible to achieve, we have creative minds and material resources and dedicated Saudis who are determined and desire to excel in leadership and they have the will; these are factors necessary for development in this sector, but what we lack is perhaps is the active management and good follow up and productively in addition to seriousness and perseverance.
According to "Al Jazeirah" news paper, His Royal Highness added  that the opening of the exhibition is the first step towards implementing our proposal to form a central  commission for local manufacturing in order to develop a general strategy of cooperation between the armed forces and national sources; to exploit the capabilities of local manufacturing in support of the armed forces as well as propose policies, actions and short and long term targets to achieve this, the Prince added that our serious attempts for manufacturing spare parts and materials with high quality and excellent quality to achieve rationalization of expenditure and self-sufficiency and then export them, as well as transfer of technology is a long sought goal of our leadership in all areas. All that shall be achieved  under the mutual trust between the armed forces and the private sector and the public interest. We seek is to expand the industrial foundation in the private sector, and the preparation of highly qualified technical cadres and vocational education, and increase free competitiveness that could lead to quality and excellence and create investment opportunities and encourage local small businesses, and help to eliminate unemployment by creating job opportunities for youth so as to contribute in solving the social problems such as violence and drugs as well as profitability in the private sector, growth and development. The Assistant Minister also asserted that the most important goal is to break the monopoly of manufacturing spare parts and the length of the period of supply, maintenance and repatriation from foreign sources and the consequent impact on the combat capability of our armed forces.

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