HRH the Second Deputy patronizes an international conference about "Terrorism"

Published 14 Mar 2010
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HRH the Second Deputy patronizes an international conference about "Terrorism"
Medina, e-Media:
Under the patronage of HRH Prince Naif Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the second deputy to premiere, Minister of Interior, the Islamic University in Medina will conduct, at its campus, an international conference titled "Terrorism.. Middling between Extremity of Thinking and Thoughts of Extremity" from 12 to 15 Rabea 2 1431H. corresponding to 28 to 31 March, 2010 G.
As mentioned at SPA, HE Dr. Mohamed Bin Ali Al Aqla, Manager of Islamic University in Medina,  expressed his appreciation and gratitude of the all the University employees, as HRH prince Naif Bin Abdulaziz patronizes this conference and pays great attention to all activities of the University.
He declared that the conference seeks to show the real picture of Islam with its actual moderateness, peace and tranquility in dealing with others. The conference will focus on proving how terrorism was mistakenly ascribed to Islam as a result of some wrong actions committed only by some not all Muslims.
The conference will discuss some related perspectives of terrorism i.e.; extremism and its reasons, religious immoderation, ignorance and misunderstanding of Shari'a texts, being influenced by the separatists' way of thinking (Khawarej), wrong explanation of many Islamic cases, intellectual emptiness and how it results in a misuse of modern technologies, hidden drivers and outside financing, vast changes in human communities and finally the negative role of family along with unemployment and the weak culture of how to debate with others.
Dr. Al Aqla clarified that the conference will discuss other perspectives such as the real reasons of extremist thinking, ineligible deduction of Islam rules, infidelity accuse, and unaccountable social criticism. It will also throw light on how Saudi Kingdom deals intellectually with terrorism, the role of King Abdulaziz center for National Dialogue in disseminating courtesy of debating even when disagreeing with others, the role of Muslim scholars (Ulema) in correcting false explanations and wrong concepts related to different cases such as infidelity accuses, Jihad (Holy War) and others. Finally, the conference will demonstrate the rights of Saudi Kingdom's rulers and the good effects of implementing Islamic rules while fighting terrorism and achieving security, He added.

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