Minister of Communications inaugurates a workshop on 3rd Measurement of e-Government Transformation

Published 14 Apr 2010
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Minister of Communications inaugurates a workshop on 3rd Measurement of e-Government Transformation
Riyadh, eMedia:
Engineer Mohamed Jameel Bin Ahmad Mula, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, inaugurated yesterday at Marriott Hotel in Riyadh, a workshop on the 3rd Measurement of e-Government Transformation attended by more than 300 persons representing more than 150 Government Entities.
The Minister confirmed, in his speech delivered on this occasion, that Measurement of e-Government Transformation is merely an execution of the Royal Decree directed to Ministry of Communications, specifically represented by its e-Government Program "Yesser". Such a Measurement is to be regarded as a mirror reflecting the real status of e-Government to specify effective requirements needed to help Government Entities build their appropriate plans in this respect, said the Minister.
The Measurement report has sought not to classify Government Entities or compare them with one another, but rather it is considered a tool that needs more collaboration among such Entities to achieve objective specified by their decision-makers. He then stressed the fact that the "Yesser" Program has been pleased to receive fruitful suggestions that may accelerate the movement of e-Government Transformation .
Engineer Ali Bin Saleh Al-Samea, General Director of e-Government Program "Yesser", on his part, pointed out that the said workshop targeted e-Government Committees heads and members and IT General Managers and specialists, in addition to a group of e-Government concerned persons. It sought to provide its attendants with mechanism of 3rd Measurement of e-Government Transformation including definition of the project, its concepts, objectives and how it can be used as an incentive tool for all Government Entities, he added.
He then stated that the workshop threw light with more details on the Model 3rd Measurement illustrating how to answer its relevant questions in addition to how field visits will contribute in achieving objectives of the Measurement.
It is worth mentioning that this 3rd Measurement has been executed by Yesser Program supported, through a contract of cooperation, by specialized work teams composing of Education Staff of King Fahd for Petroleum and Minerals. Additionally, the e-Government Transformation Measurement Initiative has come as a response to the Cabinet's resolution no 40 and dated 27/2/1427H related to rules and regulations of implementing the e-Government. The provisions of such regulations stated that each Government Entity should evaluate on a biannual basis how much e-Government Transformation it achieved. Such evaluation is to be included within the Entity's annual report, provided that Yesser Program should take over preparing a biannual report to be directed to the Royal Majesty indicating the status of e-Government Transformation.

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