"Passports" soon to impose e-Fingerprint on Residence Permit issuance

Published 14 Apr 2010
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"Passports" soon to impose e-Fingerprint on Residence Permit issuance
Riyadh, eMedia:
The Directorate-General of Passports represented by its local administrations and branches will start next Saturday imposing inevitably the e-Fingerprint procedure on issuance of residence permit.
Major Mohamed Al-Malek, manager of Media affairs department and the official spokesman of the Directorate-General, stated that all Passports administrations were equipped with all appropriate requirements to start this procedure that represents the fourth stage of e-Fingerprint process.  The first stage began two years ago appearing in implementing e-Fingerprint as an inevitable procedures at airports and other international ports, he added. While the second stage included imposing e-Fingerprint on issuing the new shape of Residence Permits, Service transfer and modification and issuance of lost Permits, the third stage appeared in linking e-Fingerprint to issue both visas of re-entry and final exit.
The Major confirmed that Passports in this fourth stage is to complete all procedures for implementing the e-Fingerprint procedure within all services related to regular Residents. This will consequently sustain rights of both citizens and residents, he added.

Last Modified Date: 10/02/2013 - 3:31 PM Saudi Arabia Time


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