Electronic supervision in Al-Qunfudah schools activated

Published 14 Jun 2009
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Electronic supervision in Al-Qunfudah schools activated
Al-Qunfudah - The second meeting of educational supervisors in Al-Qunfudah province has recommended activating the electronic supervision through implementation of a three-phase plan includes configuration, preparation and training, in addition to field application during the next school year 1430/1431H, in order to set up learning environments and management in light of the change 's requirements towards knowledge society.
The recommendations, according to "Okaz"  newspaper, included launching training programs for educational supervisors on educational leadership skills, communication and human resources management, in the framework of restructuring of learning processes by application the concepts of structural design of learning environments, and adopting the mechanism of strategic planning in the various aspects of education.
The recommendations also included the strategic objectives of school's organizational units and preparation of school assessment tools for educational activities as well as designing a field plan to activate teaching models during the next school year.

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