Transparency award to His Majesty The King

Published 15 Aug 2011
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Transparency award to His Majesty The King
Riyadh - eMedia:

The Frond of Good Example Organization awarded King Abdullah its transparency and integrity prize for this year. The award is given in recognition of King Abdullah enormous efforts in substantiating principles of integrity, transparency and justice in the community.
The Organization stated that King Abdullah activated anti-corruption and accountability mechanisms that curb illegal spending of public funds. Moreover, he developed the judicial system, disseminated the national dialogue culture in order to reach a common understanding of the rights and duties of citizenship. His Majesty ratified the national strategy for protection of integrity and fighting of corruption. He established the national anti-corruption commission that reports directly to His Majesty.
According to prince Turki bin Abdullah, chairman of the Frond of Good Example, integrity and justice is becoming conspicuous strategic guidelines of the government.
The Frond of Good Example is an NGO that highlights luminous roles in the area of integrity and transparency in Saudi Arabia. 

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