GOSI applies e-Channels in average of 85%

GOSI applies e-Channels in average of 85%
14 Oct
Riyadh - The Governor of General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI),  Suleiman bin Saad Al-Hmayyed, chaired the annual meeting of the GOSI officials at the Social Insurance Office in Makkah (Jeddah Province).
The Governor as reported by "Al-Riyadh" newspaper, pointed out that the meeting will discuss the electronic services provided by the GOSI for clients; beneficiaries, employers and government agencies, and try to identify the electronic channels that could be developed to increase the effectiveness and the availability of electronic services.
He added that the GOSI launched a payment service of subscriptions using payment system (SADAD) since August 2009. The electronic transactions amounted (2.913. 749), the number of users (122,188), the electronic messages SMS (815.461) and the average of using electronic channels approaches 85%, where the electronic payment channels reaches to 100%.
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