Challenges encountering employment of women

Published 14 Dec 2011
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Challenges encountering employment of women
Riyadh –SPA:
In a workshop arranged by Ministry of Labor, 130 ladies from eight cities of the kingdom representing nine professions discussed the challenges encountered with respect to employment of women.
Minister of Labor addressed  the meeting and indicated that two thirds of the job seeking individuals are women. Ministry of Labor is trying its best to create a favorable environment for the women to contribute to the labor market in the light of the increasing number of female graduates.
Princess Adllah daughter of King Abdullah president of Khadija bint Khuwailid Center at Jeddah Chamber of Commerce confirmed unanimity among participants on the necessity of a point of offset between the housekeeping and office roles of the woman. The workshop recommendations call for more opportunities and options to the woman in order to become an effective and principal partner in the country’s development parade.

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