Jeddah Governor inaugurates E-Tourist Information Centers

Published 15 Jun 2009
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Jeddah Governor inaugurates E-Tourist Information Centers
Jeddah -  Prince Mishaal Bin Majed Bin Abdulaziz, Governor of Jeddah inaugurates today electronic tourist information centers, offered by Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities, which illustrate to visitors the tourist information about hotels, travel agencies, transport companies, exhibitions and events held at the level of the Kingdom.
On the other hand, Administration of Customer Services in Jeddah Municipality has stepped up its efforts to expand follow-up of electronic transactions and informing citizens with all actions taken on their transactions by fax, e-mail or short messages "SMS" via cell phone in a step to save the applicants ' time and effort.
The Director General of Administration of Customer Services, Eng Mohammed Qattan, according to Saudi Press Agency, pointed out that the future plans, design to provide thorough integrated service for the applicant,  indicating that the municipality is going to activate customer service offices in the municipalities during the coming period by the best possible means in one place and finishing the applicants' transactions.
Mr. Qattan said that the number of applicants reaches up to 18 thousand people per month in an average of 600 to 700 applicants per day, pointing out that the customer service terminal provides 115 different service in contact form.

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