King Abdullah launched the First Saudi-made car

Published 15 Jun 2010
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King Abdullah launched the First Saudi-made car
Jeddah, SPA:
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah on Monday unveiled Saudi Arabia’s first car, which was manufactured by engineers at King Saud University (KSU) in Riyadh. The car is named Ghazal 1.
King Abdullah watched pictures of the various phases of the car’s manufacturing before pressing an electronic button to mark its inauguration. He congratulated all those who worked to make the project a reality.
At the outset of the reception, Dr. Khalid bin Mohamed Al-Anqary, Minister of Higher Education delivered a speech expressing best regards to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. He then pointed out that such a development in the Higher Education Sector has been achieved thanks to the keen interest of the Monarch and his continuous efforts to support Higher Education.
He pointed out that The car which has been submitted by King Saud University proves the competency and skills of Saudi youth who can overcome all challenges to learn philosophy of this technology.
On the other hand, Dr. Abdullah bin Abdurrahman Al-Osman, Rector of King Saud University, delivered a speech pointing out the University announced the production of the Car " Ghazal 1" which has been manufactured by Saudi hands of a skilled team specialized in engineering. He described the making of Ghazal 1 as a turning point in the Kingdom. “It also shows that we have capable people who can transform ideas into products of high economic value,” he said. “This is a national strategic product and KSU holds its patent rights and intellectual property rights,” he added.
productive country.
Professor Said Darwish of KSU's industrial engineering department said the car model was based on tests of category development (wheelbase) in collaboration with several major companies such as Motorola, Mercedes and Magna Canada.
The students were given full freedom to design. Ghazal 1 is 4.8 meters long with a width of about 1.9 meters.
"This car is designed for use on all roads and terrain, even in difficult conditions, while the car interior is designed to provide comfort for passengers," Darwish said.
He disclosed plans for the production of 20,000 cars annually. Ghazal is a desert deer, which is one of the fastest animals that can combine elegance with life in a harsh environment.

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