Saudi Arabia comes first in IT expenditure all over the Middle East

Published 15 Jun 2010
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Saudi Arabia comes first in IT expenditure all over the Middle East
Riyadh, e-Media:
The Communication and Information Technology Commission estimated expenditures on Information Technology at SR 37 billion by the year 2013 in comparison with expenditures amounted to 22.3 billion in 2009 which made the Kingdom the First in IT expenditure in the Middle East.
the Commission stated that number of Internet Users in Saudi Arabia reached by 2009 about ten million compared to one million in 2001 with an increasing annual rate of 36%. It pointed out that Internet has spread all over 39% of the Saudi people due to increasing awareness and development of broad domain services in addition to lowering prices of PCs and communications and Internet services.
Saudi domain names registered also increased to 18785 in May 2010, and broad-band subscribers grew to 2.9 Million subscribers by the first quarter of 2010 while it was 35 thousand in 2005, the report said.
In its bulletin on the Internet on Sunday, the Commission said the total number of subscriptions for mobile services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the end of the first quarter of this year stood at 46 million, noting that the number of fixed telephone lines amounted to 4.153 million.

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