Anti-Corruption Commission investigates road construction deviations

Published 15 Jul 2012
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Anti-Corruption Commission investigates road construction deviations

Riyadh - e-Media

Anti-Corruption Commission conducted investigation on road construction deviations. The move came in response to complaints from citizens in Qurtuba district in Riyadh. The investigation revealed deviations by the contractor. According to the contract the job was supposed to be completed on 25/2/1433 while it is still incomplete. Detours created by the contractor are obstructing smooth traffic flow and blocking driveways. The contractor damaged the water main feeding the district and placed concrete block to prevent water leakage. Although Riyadh municipality issued warnings to the contractor, but it did not impose sequential damages  against the contractor. In spite of a final warning issued two years earlier, the job was not withdrawn from the contractor. The commission reported the deviations to the municipality and demanded investigation and correction action by the municipality.

Last Modified Date: 10/02/2013 - 4:59 PM Saudi Arabia Time


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