MOH warns hospitals on false claims concerning swine flu

Published 15 Sep 2009
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MOH warns hospitals on false claims concerning swine flu
Riyadh - The Ministry of Health cautioned citizens and expatriates against any private health establishments that claim having the capability of diagnosing the A-H1N1.
The ministry said it had to issue the warning after receiving information stating that some hospitals and clinics are claiming they have the ability to diagnose swine flu and the vaccine to treat it.
The Ministry, according to Saudi Press Agency (SPA), said that such claims are absolutely not true. So far no private sector hospital or health-care center has such ability or vaccines for swine flu and until now no vaccine for the disease is available in the local market.
The ministry urged both citizens and residents to report any local private health-care establishment making such claims, saying that it has set up special fax numbers to receive their reports. The numbers are: 01-212-4196 and 01-408-2738.

Last Modified Date: 10/02/2013 - 4:34 PM Saudi Arabia Time


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