A report on the information society transition in Ash-Shura

Published 16 Feb 2011
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A report on the information society transition in Ash-Shura
Riyadh, SPA:
Transport, Communications and Information Technology Committee in Majlis Ash-Shura discussed a report on the transition to the information society, addressing a number of topics, including activities and objectives contained in the report for a transition towards an information society, highlighting the obstacles and difficulties that prevent this, solutions and proposals, in a meeting held yesterday at Majlis Ash-Shura in Riyadh, headed by the Council Chairman Dr. Fahad Bin Nasser Al-Abood, and the presence of a number of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology officials.  
The Chairman of the Committee, Dr. Fahd Bin Nasser Al Aboud, assured that the report on the transition to the Information Society aims to develop a vision for the future of communications and information technology, and aims to raise the government agencies productivity and efficiency, as the communications and information technology industry contributes to the increase in GDP, and increase the individuals income and the optimum use of communications and information technology.
The report contains seven key goals, including a set of sub-goals, a number of activities and nearly 98 projects in the plan to be implemented by many agencies, including the Communications and Information Technology Commission.
The meeting dealt with the difficulties and obstacles that prevent the National Plan projects implementation and the optimal solutions for implementing such projects which is contributing to the real transformation to the information and knowledge society.

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