A resolution approved by King Abdullah to put an end to employment freezing

Published 16 Mar 2010
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A resolution approved by King Abdullah to put an end to employment freezing
Riyadh, SPA:
King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz has lately approved a resolution issued by Civil Service Council with the no. (1399/1) and dated 3/3/1430, which has been aiming at putting an end to the employment freezing witnessed by some employees at different stages of careers hierarchy at the wide-ranging government agencies.
H.E. Mohamed Bin Ali Al Fayez, Minister of Civil Service and member of the its Council, expressed his appreciation and gratitude to Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for his continuous support dedicated to civil service employees.
Approved by the King, the resolution stated that the employee who spends 8 years or more, shall be paid a yearly compensation as per his rank. Such a compensation is to be issued in the first month of every Hijri year "Moharam" resulting in no changes within the salaries hierarchy, provided that it will be canceled if the employee is promoted.
Issuing the said remuneration necessitates, on one hand, the employee to reach the top degree in his career rank, and on the other hand, his performance during the last two years to be at least very good. Additional requirements state that during the last year prior to issue of remunerations, the employee should be never punished with either a deprivation of his compensation or a 15 days or more deduction of his salary.
The approved resolution included a  modified calculation of seniority points of how to promote employees as follows: the employee shall get one point for each year during his first four years, one point and a half for each year from the fifth to the eighth year, and two points for each year from ninth year to twelfth year. Accordingly, seniority is relatively evaluated with increasing points after the minimum four years, and better opportunities are available for more senior employees to get more points when being compared to less senior ones.
Pursuant to the resolution; till the ninth rank, the employee shall be directly promoted to the next rank in accordance with the following criteria: the employee spent 12 years or more in his rank, provided that he has the relevant qualifications required for the new rank as per stated in "Careers Classification Directory". There is no objections for his promotion as per the first article of promotions regulations. The new rank title should comply with career hierarchy approved by Careers Classification Directory.
Not exceeding the highest ceiling of career class, the new position for the employee is not to provide him with a rank higher than that of his supervisor. Finally, if it is not possible to promote all employees who spent 12 years, priority shall be for the more senior ranks.

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