Civil Service launches "Jadara" Program for e- Recruitment

Published 16 Mar 2011
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Civil Service launches "Jadara" Program for e- Recruitment

Riyadh, e-Media:
Ministry of Civil Service launches Jadara Program for e- Recruitment, recording those who want and are willing to be recruited through its new "Jadara", a recruitment program for male and female citizens in the public sector, according to the program regulations, qualifications and announcements in its website
The ministry said on its website that the new system comes as a development of what has been already inaugurated in a year before from its electronic programs; which requires re-registering again in the "Jadara", to activate its e-Services and applications via the portal on the Internet.
The "Jadara" system has several advantages, including: application form standardization online including  applicants appropriate system, as well as providing an immediate information checking, and apply all over the year-round; which will enable applicants to add the latest they've got.
One of the main advantages of the system as it serves to build a consolidated record for each applicant, even with multiple opportunities, which allows the Ministry of an accurate and quick reading to help in the planning and decision making.

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