Parrot fish festival kicks off in Farasan

Published 16 Apr 2009
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Parrot fish festival kicks off in Farasan
FARASAN – The islands of Farasan have seen a large influx of visitors from around the Kingdom over the last few days for the Parrot Fish Festival, which was officially kicked off Wednesday by Prince Muhammad Bin Nasser Bin Abdul Aziz, Emir of Jizan.
 Emir of Jizan also inaugurated a number of development projects for Jizan region including transportation, beach development, gardens and educational projects. Plans for the Farasan airport have also been given the go-ahead.
On Thursday, according to SG, Prince Muhammad will take part in catching the Parrot fish. The festival is hosting a variety of events, including dance displays, and the performance of songs and traditional chants.
Events begin at first light in the morning when the fish shoals arrive in their hundreds and thousands and young fishermen wade out into the water carrying small round nets with which they scoop up the fish.
In a traditional custom, the fish is offered in homes by women to couples who have been married for less than a year.
The Parrot fish itself is not more than 40 cm in length and passes through the waters of Jizan which are warm and shallow, offering attractive areas for the Parrot fish to lay its eggs and seek food.

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