A Symposium on IT e-Control Systems at GAB

Published 16 May 2010
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A Symposium on IT e-Control Systems at GAB
Riyadh, e-Media:
Ibrahim Bin Ali Al-Boghdadi, Assistant Vice President of General Auditing Bureau "GAB" for Financial Auditing, inaugurated yesterday the training symposium "IT e-Control Systems", which has been organized by GAB on 1-6 Jummadah II at its headquarter in Riyadh.
He pointed out the importance of such a symposium in knowledge sharing, and reinforcing cooperation among Employees specialized in Auditing in a manner that will improve their technical expertise in Auditing works to keep up with the latest scientific development in this field.
The symposium, he stated, has been envisioned to provide trainees with information about nature of electronic financial data, internal e-Auditing systems, technologies used, and possible challenges.
The main topics to be addressed at the symposium included the importance of e-Auditing systems and its benefits in addition to the requirements for the optimal usage of such systems.

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