Cabinet resolutions on real estate IPO cases

Published 16 Aug 2011
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Cabinet resolutions on real estate IPO cases

Jeddah - SPA

In the cabinet meeting held yesterday in Jeddah, His Majesty the King briefed the cabinet on meetings held during the week with leaders of friendly countries as well as developments in Islamic, Arab and international issues.
According to the cabinet’s spokesman Dr. Khoja, minister of information, the cabinet reviewed unrest in some Arab countries and appealed for immediate cease of violence. The cabinet strongly condemned Israeli approval to build thousands of settlement units in Eastern Jerusalem in an attempt to Judaize the city and change its Islamic and Arabic identity. 
The cabinet issued the following resolutions:
1- Having reviewed recommendation from the Supreme Economic Council on the real estate IPO lawsuits, the cabinet issued resolutions to expedite settlement of pending cases.
2- In order to broaden the base of aid to disaster inflicted victims, three additional disaster categories are added that include chill, frost and hailstones. 
3- In order to settle the benefits of ex-Saudi Telecom employees following privatization of the communication sector, STC should sustain the cost of GOSI and retirement benefits.
4- Ratification  of Saudi Arabia accession to the grain trading convention of 1995 with effect from September 2010.

5- Approvoral of appointments in senior positions.


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