Minister of Communications and IT opens PKI seminar

Published 16 Dec 2009
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Minister of Communications and IT opens PKI seminar
Riyadh - HE Minister of Communications and Information Technology,  Eng. Mohamed Jamil Bin Ahmed Mulla has stressed on the importance of essential building blocks for electronic transactions, which features in the presence of a widespread communications network, communications act , e -Transactions act and IT criminal Law, in addition to establish and operate the public keys infrastructure(PKI).
This came in his speech delivered yesterday at the opening ceremony of Seminar on " Experiences, Opportunities and Challenges in PKI" which continues its work today, the Minister explained that the public keys infrastructure (PKI) is an integrated system able to know the user 's identity and keep the data confidentiality and privacy of users, adding that the National Center for Digital Certification (NCDC) is established to be responsible for managing the PKI infrastructure, operation and mutual authentication between similar centers in other countries, as well as its supervision and approval of the certification and issuing regulations and policies needed in this aspect and verification of procedures for the issuance of digital certificates and management.
The minister points out that this seminar is held to shed light on these efforts, and seeking the benefit from the opinions of experts and specialists, so as to proceed in creating an integrated system and secure public keys to contribute in supporting  and proliferation of electronic services.  
The participants presented at the symposium yesterday the reports and lectures about the status of the public keys infrastructure(PKI)  in the world, in addition to a number of other countries experiences in this field.
The seminar today will discuss a number of reports and presentations on the public keys infrastructure in Malaysia and the Egyptian and Tunisian experiences in this field.

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