Prince Sultan bin Salman on the antiquities of the Kingdom

Published 18 May 2011
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Prince Sultan bin Salman on the antiquities of the Kingdom
 St Butrusberg, SPA:
Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, President of the General Commission for Tourism and Antiquities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, said today's political, economic and humanitarian activity at the international arena of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a continuation to its historic and civilizational role in recent and ancient history.
    Speaking to reporters following the opening of the exhibition titled "Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Marvelous Antiquities across history" in St Butrusberg, Russia, yesterday, Prince Sultan bin Salman said the exhibition aims at highlighting the civilizational dimension of the Kingdom to the people of today who might see it as only a key player in today's economic, political and humanitarian theater.
    He paid tribute to the city of St Butrusberg which accommodates important chapters of the world's book of history and civilization.
    He said 18 international missions are currently working in Saudi Arabia to unearth new antiquities.
    He described the Kingdom as an open museum, citing the accession of Madaen Salih on the UNESCO international legacy list.
    He vowed to disclose antiquity-related important discoveries recently, announcing that work is currently underway to establish six new museums in the Kingdom in addition to six being designed.
    He highlighted the role of the exhibition in further consolidating the cultural relations between the Kingdom and Russia.
     Prince Sultan bin Salman said the prudent vision of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, King of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has pushed the country to the pioneering podium at the international level in the field of development and presented it as a stable State amid current regional political and security uncertainty.
    He said Saudi Arabia is a full-fledged country who enjoys a historic era under the leadership of its wise monarch who looks to the leverage of the Kingdom in the way that supports its political and religious status, citing the Kingdom's recent initiative for dialogue among followers of different civilizations, cultures and religions.
    Islam itself is a continuation of previous divine religions, admitted them, built on their values, and developed their faith to let the current civilization to benefit from all, Prince Sultan bin Salman concluded.

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