The King lays the foundation stone for expansion of the Holy Mosque

Published 17 Aug 2011
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The King lays the foundation stone for expansion of the Holy Mosque
Makka -SPA
The King will lay next Friday the foundation stone of 400,000 m2 expansion of the Holy Mosque in Makka.
According to Dr. Mohamed Nasir Khuzaim, the vice president of The Holy Mosque board, the expansion project will use the most recent state of art electrical and mechanical systems.
The new expansion will accommodate more than one million and two hundred thousand worshippers. Moreover, sheds will be erected in the northern courtyards. The expansion is designed to ensure safe movement of the masses with a complete set of vertical movement facilities.
The Holy Mosque has seen successive construction achievements resulted in enormous enhancement of its facilities. Furthermore, advanced technology has been used in Zamzam well plant that resulted in enormous improvement of water supply.
Other achievements include the new railway system at the holy shrines. Two TV Islamic channels have been established; one in Makka and the other in Madina. King Abdullah established two commissions for development of the Makka, Madina and the holy shrines.
Future improvements include air-conditioning of the entire Holy Mosque.

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