Princess Nura University …. A new beacon

Published 17 Sep 2011
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Princess Nura University …. A new beacon

Riyadh - SPA

Princess Nura University started its first academic year at its new location that has been inaugurated by King Abdullah.
There is a consensus among scholars and experts in various academic disciplines that opening of the university crowns the Saudi women parade in the recent history of KSA.

Experts confirm that the new female university augments the Saudi woman role as an effective partner in the comprehensive development activities witnessed by KSA under the leadership of King Abdullah and his crown prince.

Under the generous state auspices, the university will participate vigorously in an unprecedented role towards the community.  
Dr. Huda Ameel, university president, said: “The university is interested in communication with the community according to specific methodology  derived from the university community service message and objectives in order to achieve social partnership. The university has developed an integrated strategy and plan using its physical and human resources to participate effectively to community building, development and flourishing”.

She indicated that the university seeks excellence and pioneering at the local, regional and international levels in the areas of higher education and research. It seeks to provide services to the community,  development of environment and building of the knowledge community within our Islamic, cultural and social values that contribute to sustainable development. She confirmed that achieving all of that will only be possible by standardizing  of the university role  in acquiring, conveying, disseminating and management of knowledge in harmony with the community’s values and culture and entrenchment of academic research, development of the student’s personality and skills so that the student  becomes innovative, leader and self – learner besides augmenting the institution's competitiveness at the local, regional and international levels. It will have a positive effect on the community movement, entrenchment of its cultural invariables  and unique civilization features that would support social coherence and entrench citizenship principle and activation of the units of special nature to deliver research and consultation services to various institutions of the community.

She went on to say: “By God’s blessing and support of the state under the leadership of the Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques, his crown prince and the second viceroy,  the university will be a distinguished institution in the areas of higher education and training of human resources through total quality criteria and continuous development while concentrating on quality courses and skills development. Future visions will be developed in the light of local and international developments that would ensure high efficiency of the graduates in the labor market. The university environment will be established on  quality and distinction principles based on the cultural and ethical values  extracted from our good Islamic doctrines. The university vision is to become an outstanding research center in association with educational institutions and production and service sectors at the local, regional and international levels.

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